Photography Objects

Early photography: 19th Century Daguerreotype, Ferrotype (Tintype) and Ambrotype pictures. Original vintage Albumen and Photogravure prints. Folding Bellows Cameras: Field Folding Cameras ½ and ¼ -Plate, Folding Box Camera, Quarter-Plate Hand Folding Camera, Folding Pocket Camera, Concealed Bellows Camera, and Folding (spring) Cameras. Stereoscopy Equipments: Stereoscopy photographs and viewers, Stereocards, Stereoscopes and Stereographoscopes.
  • Early Photographic Prints

    Early Photographic PrintsWe offer a large collection of 19th century original photo -graphic prints, including: Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, Albumen prints (especially of Jerusalem). stereographic cards (especially of the Holy Land). Tintypes (Ferrotypes),...
  • Folding Cameras

    Folding CamerasGilai Collectibles offers Folding Bellows Cameras of the following types: Half-Plate Field Cameras, Folding Box Cameras, Quarter-Plate Hand Cameras, Folding Pocket Cameras, Concealed Bellows Camera, Folding (Spring) cameras.
  • Stereoscopy

    StereoscopyWe offer a large selection of stereocards and stereoscopes: Stereocards by Underwood & Underwood, , Wooden Brewster and Holms Stereoscopes, Pocket Folding Stereoscope, Rowsell type Stereographoscope, Vistascreen Stereoscopes,...