Antique Tools

Antique tools made from metal and exotic woods including Boring Tools, Planes and Shaves, Edge Tools, Saws, Measuring Tools, Hammers and Wrenches, Mallets and Vises.
  • General Tools

    General ToolsIn this category we've placed: Anvils, oilers (Lucas, Kays etc), glass cuters, blow torches, and unque tools such as lathes, screw boxes etc.
  • Levels and Plumb Bobs

    Levels and Plumb BobsThe planes and plumb bobs we have are of great variety, We have simple bronze plumb bob and unique ivory ones. We have simple wooden levels and extravagant ivory -inlaid ebony levels. All our levels are fully functional.
  • Measuring Tools

    Measuring ToolsThis catagory incorporates many different types of tools, all having to do with some form of measurmest. Cloth and metal tape measures, mortise gauges, calipers and sizing plates.
  • Saws & Knives

    Saws & KnivesOur saw collection includes among others: Bow saws. Hack saws Stair saws Cross Cut saws and Hand saws, some are brass back, dove handled or pistol handled. We carry Disston Saws, Tyzack saws Preston and many others
  • Wrenches & Turnscrews

    Wrenches & TurnscrewsAntique Rare and interesting wrenches such as Buggy and Wagon Wrenches and Miniature Wrenches. Nut and other Adjustable Wrenches and Cutout Wrenches. Antique Screwdrivers Turn-screw, all sizes with birch or hardwood handles,...