Scientific Instruments

We carry a very special selection of scientific instruments. They include various Astronomical Instruments such as Astrolabes, and Globes, Calculating Instruments like Slide Rules and Planimeters. Drawing Instruments- complete sets in original boxes. Length Measuring Instruments such as Rulers and micrometers. Meteorological Instruments including Barometers, Barographs and Anemometers. Navigational Instruments comprising of Sextants and Compasses. Pressure Measuring Instruments: Gas and Air Gauges and Sykes Hydrometers. Optical Instruments such as Microscopes Telescopes and Camera Lucidas. Surveying Instruments: Levels and Theodolites. And Volume Measuring Instruments
  • Astronomy

    AstronomyAntique Astronomical instr. were made to study phenomena beyond the Earth's atmosphere. The Astrolabe is an instrument based on a planispheric projection of the heavens. Astronomical Ring Dial was used for astronomical measurement...
  • Calculating

    CalculatingStraight, Circular, Cylindrical Slide Rules (Faber Castell, Fowler's, Ottis King, Palmer's). Mechanical Calculators (Curta). Planimeters. Stepped Drum & Pinwheel Calculators (Brunsviga Odhner ). Adding Machines. Early Electronic...
  • Drawing Instruments

    Drawing InstrumentsSets of instruments in cases made of tortoiseshell, leather, mahogany & Shagreen. Instruments made of Silver, Brass or Electrum. Plain Compasses, Drawing Compasses with moveable Points. Sectors in Ivory or Brass, Protractors...
  • Length Measuring

    Length MeasuringRulers in units of Centimeter, ell, fathom, foot, hands, inch, meter, millimeter, rod. Architect rules with inter- changeable scales. Circumference measuring devices Micrometers, Yardsticks, Ell rules, Thickness gauges.
  • Meteorology

    MeteorologyAntique Aneroids, Cistern and Wheel Barometers, Barographs, Max-Min Thermometers. Anemometers for Measuring Wind Force and Velocity, Wet-And-Dry Bulb Hygrometers, Hair Hygrometers. Pocket Weather Forecasters.
  • Navigational

    NavigationalArmy & Navy Sextants & Octants. Azimuth Compasses, Marine Chronometers, Military Prismatic Compasses, Miners & Gimbaled Compass, Diver's Wrist Compass, Brass Pocket Sextant, Antique Chartometers for Measuring Maps.
  • Scientific Optical

    Scientific OpticalSimple & Compound Microscopes, Refracting & Reflecting Telescopes, Lenses, Camera Lucida, Topographic Stereoscopes, Kaleidoscopes, Teleido -scopes, Galileo Type Telescopes. Microscope slides of Botanical Zoological or Geological...
  • Surveying Instruments

    Surveying InstrumentsLevels, Barometers, Theodolites, Planimeters, Podometer. Surveying Clinometers, Abney Level Clinometers, Surveyor Dumpy Levels. All Instruments are in original good condition, marked and numbered by the makers.