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Medical Antiques

Medical Diagnostic Instruments | Medical Dental Instruments | Medical Therapeutic Instruments

Medical Antiques are divided here into 3 categories: Diagnostic Aids, Dental Instruments and Therapeutic equipments. Among these one can find: Cased Surgical Instrumentation, Pharmaceutical Products, Ophthalmological, Otological, Gynecological and Orthopedic instruments. Instruments are in good original condition, with makers names.

Judaica & Jewish Coins

Hasmonean Coins | Bar Kochba Coins | Herodian Coins | Procurator Coins | Jewish Revolt Coins | Judaica

In this category we keep only genuine Judaica exquisite silver pieces, Mezuzah holders, Embroidered Torah Covers, Rimonim, Sterling Silver Plates and Kiddush Cups, Havdallah spice holders and more. Ancient Biblical Jewish coins from about 137 BCE to about 137 CE. Bronze and silver coins of Hasmoneans, Herod The Great and Agrippa, Jewish war against Rome, Roman Procurators, Bar Kochba and Judea Capta.

Scientific Instruments

Astronomy | Calculating | Drawing Instruments | Length Measuring | Meteorology | Navigational | Scientific Optical | Pressure Measuring | Surveying Instruments | Volume & Capacity | Teaching Instruments

We carry a very special selection of scientific instruments. They include various Astronomical Instruments such as Astrolabes, and Globes, Calculating Instruments like Slide Rules and Planimeters. Drawing Instruments- complete sets in original boxes. Length Measuring Instruments such as Rulers and micrometers. Meteorological Instruments including Barometers, Barographs and Anemometers. Navigational Instruments comprising of Sextants and Compasses. Pressure Measuring Instruments: Gas and Air Gauges and Sykes Hydrometers. Optical Instruments such as Microscopes Telescopes and Camera Lucidas. Surveying Instruments: Levels and Theodolites. And Volume Measuring Instruments

Photography Objects

Early Photographic Prints | Folding Cameras | Stereoscopy

Early photography: 19th Century Daguerreotype, Ferrotype (Tintype) and Ambrotype pictures. Original vintage Albumen and Photogravure prints. Folding Bellows Cameras: Field Folding Cameras ½ and ¼ -Plate, Folding Box Camera, Quarter-Plate Hand Folding Camera, Folding Pocket Camera, Concealed Bellows Camera, and Folding (spring) Cameras. Stereoscopy Equipments: Stereoscopy photographs and viewers, Stereocards, Stereoscopes and Stereographoscopes.

Old Maps and Globes

Jerusalem Maps | Facsimile Maps | Globes | Holy Land Maps

We offer Terrestrial, Celestial, and Pocket Globes. Original 19th and early 20th century maps of Jerusalem. Maps of Canaan, Holy Land, Palestine, Galilee, Judea, Dead Sea, Promised Land, Israel. Plans of Jerusalem, The urban development of the old and new city boundaries. Jerusalem Historical Atlases, Road Maps of Jerusalem. We specialize in collecting original authentic maps, A limited number of Facsimile Maps are offered Most maps have acid free museum-quality double matting and are mounted with protective shrinking plastic.

Time Telling Instruments

Hourglasses and Sandglasses | Sundials | Clocks & Watches

Clocks and Watches: Antique wall clocks, Carriage clocks, Marble mantel, Crystal regulators, Woodcase Bracket and Shelf, Bronze, Brass and gilt metal case antique clocks. 18th Century Pocket Watches Verge mechanism and Fusee. Interesting and important Wrist Watches. Sand-glasses, Antique English Hourglass. Sundials: Early 18th Century Silver Sundial, Ivory Diptych Sundial, Equinoctial Ring Sundial, Inclining Sundials.

Antique Tools

Braces & Drills | General Tools | Hammers & Mallets | Levels and Plumb Bobs | Measuring Tools | Planes & Shaves | Saws & Knives | Wrenches & Turnscrews

Antique tools made from metal and exotic woods including Boring Tools, Planes and Shaves, Edge Tools, Saws, Measuring Tools, Hammers and Wrenches, Mallets and Vises.

Optical Instruments

Binoculars & Opera Glasses | Spectacles & Eye Glasses | Magnifying Glasses and Lenses

Binoculars and Opera Glasses decorated with silver, Mother-of-Pearl with folding lenses or with telescoping handles. Antique Monoculars. Gilt Brass Field or army types Binoculars. Optical Glasses: Silver, Brass or Iron framed Goggles, Gold, Silver or Tortoise-Shell Lorgnettes, 19th century "Pince Nez" Folding Spectacles and Scissors Spectacles. Old Sun Glasses and Protective Industrial Glasses. Antique Magnifying Glasses with Mother of Pearl, Horn or Silver Handles.

Balance Scales & Weights

Spring Scales | Weights | Equal Arm Scales | Unequal Arm Scales

Antique Balance Scales & Weights are displayed in 4 categories: Equal arm scales, Spring scales, Unequal arm scales and Weights. Among the items one can find: Analytical Balances, Textile Scales, Tube Spring Scales, Apothecary Scales, Dotchin or Opium Scales, Mancur Scales, Coin and Money Scales, Pendulum Scales, Spring Scales, Diamond Scales, Rocker Balances, Postal Spring Scales, Roberval Postal Scales, Steelyard and Bismar Balances and Self-indicating lever scales. Products are of the highest quality with maker's name. The antique Weights includes: Avoirdupois (lb, oz), Troy (lbT), Apothecaries (Scruples), Metric (Kg). Sets of brass bell and flat-circular avoirdupois weights. Brass and iron cylindrical weights Bar, Cup, Ring, and Bun weights. Boxes of metric weights, Porcelain pottery and lozenge weights. All products are authenticated with verification hallmarks.

Writing Inst. and Inkwells

Inkwells | Pens and Pencils

Inkwells, Pens and Pencils and various other writing instruments. Parker 51 Aerometric Pens, Montblanc Stainless Steel LeGrand and Carrera Fountain Pens. Mother-Of Pearl and Stanhope Dip pens. Elegant inkwells and inkstands from Victorian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods, Dresden and Delft type. Inkwells made of Porcelain, Glass, Bronze, or Cast Iron. Cast Brass Style lidded Inkwells, Opaque Opalescent Glass Inkwell, Crystal Double inkwell . Silver and Cast Brass, one-piece with two inkwells. Travelers Inkwells with sealed lid.

General Collectibles

Appraisal | Books on Collectibles | Die Cast | Dolls | Smoking Implements | Gifts | Miscellaneous Antiques

In this catagory we have Dolls from various eras, Die Cast automobiles from makers such as Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox, Smoking implements including, pipes, vesta cases and lighters. We also have unique items like a chicken sexer, candle snuffers and a north African pitchfork among others.