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How did we start?

Dr. Gilai has been a avid collector for many years, actually starting in 1956. His main collection is walking sticks and canes. But through the years he came to collect many items that the only connection between them seems to be, that they fall under the catagory of "Scientific".

The years pass and Dr. Gilai decided that when he retires from his medicla activities, he will make his hobby into a full time occupation. So in 1999 he opened the 'Gilai Collectibles' Center on Beth-Lehem Rd. in Jerusalem.
The shop is located on a quaint street in an up and coming area with a greengrocers next to a houshold wares store and a specialty gifts shop next door to a dry cleaners. There is also a cafe and a restaurant making the area very welcoming.

... a close look at our website designs throughout the years certainly proves that we have come a long way!

Our site in 1999 Our site in 2005
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