Medical Antiques

Medical Antiques are divided here into 3 categories: Diagnostic Aids, Dental Instruments and Therapeutic equipments. Among these one can find: Cased Surgical Instrumentation, Pharmaceutical Products, Ophthalmological, Otological, Gynecological and Orthopedic instruments. Instruments are in good original condition, with makers names.
  • Medical Diagnostic Instruments

    Medical Diagnostic InstrumentsOpthalmoscopes for analyzing retinal problems. Otoscopes. Wrist Sphygmograph for recording pulse rate. Monaural & Binaural Stethoscopes. Reflex Hammers. Tonometers. Dynamometer to assess muscle function. Sphygmo- manometers...
  • Medical Dental Instruments

    Medical Dental InstrumentsEarly Silver & Ivory Dental Mirrors. Adjustable Dental Elevators. Dental Scaling & Scraping Instruments with Ivory or Ebony Handles. Tooth Extraction Instruments. Dental forceps. Complete dental sets in original cases.
  • Medical Therapeutic Instruments

    Medical Therapeutic InstrumentsCased Surgical Instruments, Ophthalmological, Otological, Gynecological & Orthopedic instruments. Ear Trumpets/ Hearing Aids. Steel & Ivory Trepanning Sets. Amputation Saws. Spring Lancet for Phlebotomy. Scarificators & Bloodletting...