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Miners Compass by IP Cutts Sutton & Sons

Item#: SNI972

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A large brass miners compass 13 cm in diameter It has a silvered card printed with compass rose cardinal and sub-cardinal points as well as 360 degrees scale (devided into 4 scales of 0-90 degrees) raised to plane of needle. The card is marked IP Cutts Sutton & Son Opticians to the Queen Sheffield. The needle is mounted on a sharp pivot at the center of the case so as to permit the needle to rotate freely in the horizontal plane. On top of the compass housing are two upright sight-vanes on either end. Each vane has a vertical slit, down the centre. on the underside of the compass is a I.P. Cutts (Joseph Preston) was making instruments in Sheffield since about 1822. From around 1830, the company was known as ‘J P Cutts and Sons’, and from 1845-60 as J P Cutts, Sons and Sutton Between 1845 and 1869 they worked at 43 Division street, and 56 Hatton garden, London. In 1854 they had a shop in New York .