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WWI Military Brass Pocket Sextant by Hughes & Son London.

Item#: SNI207

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This brass sextant is signed, ‘H. Hughes & Son Ltd. London’ and marked with a serial number 536 dated to 1918. It is also marked with the small arrow of the British Military. The sextant consists of a silvered scale (0-130 degrees) and vernier with magnifying lens. A screw-in lever can be removed and applied to a small screw on the side for adjusting the inner lenses. Revolving mirror and telescope could be pulled out to allow direct view through green or brown filters. The instrument is made in a drum shaped case with screw-on rear cover. Inside the cover is a pasted paper with printed natural tangents to a base of 100, also signed H. Hughes & Son London. Henry Hughes established his firm in 1830. Around 1850 his son Alexander joined him and the firm was known as Hughes & Son. In 1903 the company became Limited.