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A 19th Century Azimuth Compass by J. Cail Newcastle.

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A wooden cased compass with stand made during the mid 19th century by John Cail from Newcastle Upon Tyne. The compass contains a silvered card with very fine and delicate engravings of compass rose cardinals and sub-cardinal points as well as 360 degrees scale (divided into 4 scales of 0-90 degrees). The card is marked J. Cail Newcastle Upon Tyne. The needle is mounted on a sharp pivot at the center of the case so as to permit the needle to rotate freely in the horizontal plane. On top of the compass housing are two upright sight-vanes on either end. Each vane has a vertical slit, down the centre. The vane above the North marking has a small wire to improve accuracy. The sight vanes were moved until they were aligned with the sun, the moon, or the pole star. In this way a reading of the Azimuth North could be compared with the Magnetic North to maximize accuracy. John Cail Started in the early 1820s working for Troughton in London; He then opened his own shop in Newcastle and in the 1850s partnered with his brother, Septimus Anthony Cail. John Cail instruments are of very high quality and quite scarce. Size (with base) 10 X10 X 10 cm. Base of stand is not original but was made to fit exactly.