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Anemometer for Measuring Wind Force and Velocity By Negretti & Zambra London.

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Rotating Vane Anemometer By Negretti & Zambra London. This is a 3-inch rotating vane, Birmingham type Anemometer, in which the dials and flat vanes are on the same plane. This hand held instrument was made of brass by the famous scientific instrument makers, Negretti & Zambra in London, with serial number N1552. It was used for measuring wind force and velocity. The scale, graduated to 1000 ft., indicates the number of linear feet of air that have passed the instrument during its exposure time. The instrument comes in its original red felt lined hide case. Enrico Angelo Lodovico Negretti (1817-1879) was an Italian optician born at Como and immigrated to London in 1829. He and Joseph Warren Zambra (d. 1877) become partners from 1850 as Negretti & Zambra. The company manufactured scientific instruments at different locations in London beginning in 1850 and continued to the mid-20th century.