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Photochrome of the Valley of Jehosaphat Jerusalem

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This is a small photocrom picture of the Valley of Jehosaphat. This valley lies to the east of the Old city of Jerusalem and it is basically the foot of Mount of Olives. There are several monumental tombs dating from the Second Temple period, around the 1st century BCE built in the valley. On the mountain side the large Russian church of Mary Magdalene can be viewed. Photochrome is a color photographic lithograph produced from an original black and white negative. The prints were created using different color impressions from multiple lithographic stones. A separate stone would be made for each colour to be used. A minimum of four stones and as many as fourteen stones might be used for a given image. This process "re-developed" the image into a full color image that looks more like a painting than a photograph. Because this process is very complicated, the process was discontinued rather quickly. Size 22 cm X 16 cm