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A Special Steelyard Scale Balance with Two Counterweights and Four Hooks.

Item#: SBU551

Price: $250.00

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This is a lever balances with unequal beam arms and an immovable axis (fulcrum). Three chains and hooks are connected to the shorter arm for holding the load. Another hook attached to the fulcrum is used for holding or hanging the steelyard. All hooks are connected to the beam through a swiveling attachment with knife-edge hinge. The long square arm is 53 cm (21 inches) long with engraved graduated scale. The pommel shaped counterweight made of bronze is attached to a special brass fitting that slides along the long arm. A second counterweight is placed on the shorter arm, allowing deducting the empty container weight (tare weight) from the load, to obtain net weight. This scale is stamped with various inspection and maker’s marks and the number 21 appears on all parts.