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Letter Scale with Stamp Dispenser

Item#: SBU1303

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Letter Scale with Stamp Dispenser - click to enlarge.Letter Scale with Stamp Dispenser - click to enlarge.

A small desktop letter scale made of brass. The letter is placed in a small clip, then the counterbalance swings upwards to balance it and a fixed indicator points to the scale, giving the weight in units of ounces. The counterbalance is a pendulum type on the long arm, the top of which is the scale itself. The range on this scale is 2 oz. The brass box is ,a stamp dispenser, and a date calendar. A small knob on the side moves both the month and the date number. The stamp dispenser is marked: “Gothenburg Alfalfa Products Co. Willow Island, Nebraska. Phone 537-2143.
The Alfalfa Products Co prepared feeds and feed ingredients for animals and fowl.
Overall size 12X6 cm