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A Nice Early 20th Century Egyptian Steelyard With Triple Fulcrum.

Item#: SBU545

Price: $195.00


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This Egyptian steelyard is a lever balance with unequal beam arms and an immovable axis (fulcrum) and with two pointed hooks, attached with chains to the shorter arm, for holding the load. Two other hooks for holding or hanging the steelyard are attached to different fulcra to provide different sensitivities of the steelyard. Hand forged from steel and stamped on inlayed cupper by a maker (Fuad?) with serial number and date. The long square arm is 59 cm (23 inches) long with two engraved scales in Arabic numerals for the different sensitivities. The flat base pear shaped counterpoise weight is made of brass and filled with lead. It weighs about 1500 grams (53 oz.). All hooks are connected to the beam through a swiveling attachment with knife-edge hinge.