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Self-indicating Quadrant German Paper Scale Balance by Louis Schopper, Leipzig.

Item#: SBU546



This scale was made probably around 1905 for the British market and consists of a blackened iron base and pole with silver-plated brass scales. The weighing range is 0-80 lbs. and the scales Indicates directly the ream weight of 480, 500 and 516 sheets of paper of size 17½ X 22½ inch, using a template sample of 3 7/8 X 3 7/8 inch. A hook is mounted on the short arm of a lever and a pointer on the long arm. Once the template paper is in position, the long arm swings upwards to balance the load and the indicator points to the scale, giving the weight in units of lb/ream. Louis Schopper was a skilled instrument maker that created his factory in Leipzig on 11-August 1881. Overall scale height is 37 cm.