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Metric Yarn Balance Scale and Weights Made in France.

Item#: SBU169

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This is a French metric balance distributed in the Netherlands by W.A. Le Blanc. This yarn balance is used to determine how many meters of yarn are in one kilogram of an unmarked skein. The scale measures the counts of linen, cotton and worsted (twisted yarn). A count is the length of yarn needed to make up a specified weight. For each type of material the count is different. This unique scale is built into its original red velvet lined, pine box which is in excellent condition. After opening the box the scale is to be straightened on its axis. A weight used for leveling is kept in a small compartment with a brass cover. The original directions for leveling the scale and for calculating the counts are included as is are three extra weights still sealed in their envelope, a round brass weight and a pair of tweezers in a clip.