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A 19th Century Table Aneroid Barometer By Goerz.

Item#: SMT484



A unique table barometer (No. 26912) with hidden aneroid mechanism signed by C.P. Goerz, Berlin. This historically important barometer has a dial plate printed in English between two glass plates indicating low- and high-pressure measurements. A pointer on the dial is connected to the aneroid system through a tiny chain and a thin wire. The range on the dial is from 27.9 to 31.1 inches. Barometer height 23 cm. The company of C. P. Goerz, started in 1886 in a single room in Friedenau-Berlin, Germany, by manufacturing lenses as their prime business. They became a major manufacturer of Ansh?tz Camera, Dagor lenses, Barometers, Altimeters, Binoculars etc. with over 3,000 employees in the lifetime of the founder. After his death in 1926 they merged with three other firms to form Zeiss-Ikon.