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English Decorative Cane From 1889 With18 Ct Gold Knob Handle and Malacca Shaft.

Item#: CA882



Decorative Dress Cane. A very precious English cane from the second half of the 19th century with large 18 ct gold knob handle and Full-bark spotted, brown Malacca shaft. The pear shaped handle is hallmarked as 18 ct gold and dated 1889. It is signed by the artist JB with a worn monogram engraved on top of the knob (possibly WJ). The shaft is made of full-bark spotted Malacca with a nice ridge. The ferrule is a 20 mm Stag horn with a center nail to minimize erosion. Overall length of this cane is 86.5 cm. Remarks: The cane is in good condition with an attractive aged patina.