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Boxwood Diptych Sundial with String Gnomon

Item#: TTS855



Boxwood Diptych Sundial with String Gnomon - click to enlarge.

Boxwood Diptych Sundial With String Gnomon, Unknown Maker. This dial has two leaves that fold flat when not in use. The cover leaf contains a yearly table of the difference between solar time and clock time and instructions of how to set the sundial. The base leaf displays the recessed compass with glass cover, surrounded by an hour scale. The compass consists of a magnetized pointed steel bar with a centrally inserted gem stone and a printed card with compass rose indicating cardinal and sub-cardinal points as well as 360 degrees scale. Closure of the cover leaf moves a small lever that raises the needle from the pivot and fixes its movement. A small crack to a cover hinge was glued. Size: 75 X 55 mm.
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