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Brass Pressure Gauge by Dewrance London

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Brass Pressure Gauge by Dewrance London - click to enlarge.Brass Pressure Gauge by Dewrance London - click to enlarge.

Brass Pressure Gauge by Dewrance London. This Large gauge was made for Lloyds' Register of shipping to pressure-test ships' boilers before insuring them. This is a pressure gauge reading in which the gauge is adjusted to read zero at the surrounding atmospheric pressure. The measurements are in Pounds per Square Inch (psi). There are two dials scaled from 0 to 400 with beveled glass face, Dewrance was established in 1844 in London as John Dewrance & co. in South London. It rapidly became known as an innovative manufacturer of products for steam application. In 1879 Sir John Dewrance took over the business from his father. Today, Dewrance is a part of Tyco International Limited. Lloyds Register was established in 1760 as the Register Society and In 1834, the organisation was reconstituted as Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping. The company was formed to give underwriters and merchants an idea of the condition of the vessels they insured and chartered.