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Rare 18th Century French Hand-Held Coin Scale.

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French Revolution Period Hand Held Coin Scale. An important boxed money scale with an original table of 18th century European Gold coin weights. The label on the inside lid reads 'TABLEAU des Monnaies d'or et d'argent qui ont cours dans les differens Etats de L'Europe, avec la designation de leurs poids'. The weights are in units of gros (a traditional French weight equal 3.824 grams) and grain (a traditional French unit of weight equal to about 53 milligrams). The scale consists of copper pans and steel equal arm beam (12.7 cm; 5 inch ling) and indicator. The box includes a complete set of 5 nested brass weights inserted into a special recess and a lidded compartment with slider that protects 7 fractional brass weights. The oval ended wooden mahogany box (H 1.5 cm, L 17.8 cm, W 5.6 cm), hinges and locks are in very good condition. The scale is illustrated in Kisch, Scales & Weights, Fig. 85, p. 127.