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Beautifully Made Scottish Apothecary Brass Scales.

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An apothecary brass scales with two pans suspended from the ends of a beam. One pan (the larger) is used for the goods to be weighted, the other for the weights. Equilibrium of the loads is indicated by an exactly horizontal position of the beam. The beam is 33 cm long and has several marks: "Class B, to weigh 2 Lb" and an official verification and inspector's marks. The scales were made during the early 1960's. The verification stamp is a standard mark with a Royal Crown over cipher E || R and number 295 which represent the official office of the Scottish town of Oban in the County of Argyll and Bute. Two other inspector's marks are stamped on the beam: K28 and J29, to show that the scales were officially checked for its accuracy. (The weights in the picture are not included)