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Rare 18th Century Wooden Steelyard Balance.

Item#: SBU167



This is a unique and important steelyard with a walnut wood beam. The hooks are iron and the counter-weight is hang forged iron that weighs about 3kg (6.6 pounds). There are two hooks, which allow the steelyard to weigh one range in one position, and when turned up side down to weigh a different weight range. The beam is beautifully turned, made of walnut with a turned finial at one end. Along two sides of the beam are notches, which mark the graduating scales in two different ranges. In between them are markings in Roman numerals for 10 (X) 20 (XX) and 30 (XXX). There are some small cracks in the wood though none are deep. Overall length of beam is 20 cm (7.8 inches)