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An Inkwell Commemorating A Visit of His Royal Highness Albert Edward Prince of Wales in 1860.

Item#: IW820



This historically important inkwell was dedicated to the visit of HRH Edward Albert (1841-1910) the Prince of Wales (the future King Edward VII), the son of Queen Victoria, to Hamilton Canada on 19th September 1860. A crescent brass label on the inkwell is inscribed: ‘Presented To His Royal Highness Albert Edward Prince Of Wales To Honor His Visit To Hamilton Canada, West, By The Highland Society. 19th September 1860’. The inkwell’s heavy square base (20 cm) is made of expensive Rojo Alicante marble with reddish background, white and tan crystal veins. The whole is mounted on gilt metal frame with Lion paw feet. The inkwell itself rests on a gilt brass wreath of laurel foliage and the hinged lid is decorated with gilt acanthus leaves and pine acanthus finial. Mr. Hector Munro the President of the Highland Society probably presented the inkwell to HRH Prince Edward during a levee held at the Royal Hotel in Hamilton prior to his visit to the Exposition at Crystal Palace. Reference: Henry James Morgan [A British Canadian], The Tour of HRH The Prince of Wales Through British America and The US. Printed in Montreal by John Lovell. 1860.