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מטבעות ארץ ישראל מאוסף בנק לאומי

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Hebrew. Coins in the Bank of Israel Collection. Including: Judea under Persian rule, Hasmonean coins, House of Herod coins, Jewish War -66-70 CE, Bar Kochba War 132-135 CE, Roman coins 6-41 44-66 CE, Roman coins and administration in Israel after the destruction of the second temple, imperial coins Judea Capta Hadrian Dinars 177-138 CE, City coins: Aelia Capitolina, Ashkelon, Dar, Neapolis, Skytopols, Gaza, Paneias,Tzipori,Cesarea, Rafah. 140-pagealbum edition includes photos andplates. Size: 28X22 USED