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Negretti and Zambra Opera Glasses with Original Case

Item#: OIB123



These are small pocket opera glasses. The aluminum body is covered with beautiful grey enameling. Magnification is X2, enough for a closer look at the performers while still allowing most of the stage to be seen The original faux leather case is very good condition. The glasses are marked on the bridge 'Negretti and Zambra' 'The Princess'. Exit eyepiece diameter: 10 mm. Objective diameter: 25 mm. Fully extended height:4.5 cm. (1.8 inches). H Enrico Angelo Lodovico Negretti (1817-1879) was an Italian optician born in Como and immigrated to London in 1829. He and Joseph Warren Zambra (d. 1877) became partners from 1850 as Negretti & Zambra. The company manufactured scientific instruments at different locations in London beginning in 1850 and continued to the mid-20th century.