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Hilkinson Magnifying Glass with Stag Horn Handle.

Item#: OIM1216



Hilkinson Magnifying Glass with Stag Horn Handle. - click to enlarge.

This unusual large magnifying glass with High quality precision ground glass lenses is 11.5 cm (4.5 inch) in diameter. The rim is nickel coated brass inscribed Hilkinson. The handle with hallmarked white metal collar and ferrule is crafted from naturally shed stag horn. A British Palestine Police badge made in 1930’s, is attached to the handle. The badge shows the letters PP in circle, with ‘Palestine Police’ around and crown atop. This magnifier provides a large field of view and allows for both eyes to be used. Overall length including handle is 28.5 cm. (11 inch). The Hilkinson brand was first established by E. Hill & Co Ltd in the early 1930's in Barnet, Hertfordshire, England.