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Colton's Map of Palestine ( Holy Land) 1860 w/ Inset of the Sinai

Item#: MAH952



This map was taken from Colton's Atlas of the World New York printed by Johnson & Browning no.172 William,st. The map depicts the Holy Land during the Roman period. It shows the 4 main divisions of Judea Samarila Galilea and Perea. The twelve tribal areas are also shown, as well as cities towns rivers and roads. The insert is of Arabia Petrea or the Sinai Peninsula. Joseph H. Colton (1800-1893) began publishing maps in New York in the 1830s. Joseph Colton's two sons, George W. Colton and Charles B. Colton tooke over the Colton publishing firm in the middle of the century. Johnson & Browning acquired the rights to the Colton plates in 1860 and were named successors to J. H. Colton and Company. The map is in very good condition. There is some tearing to the edges and minor discoloration.