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Silver Shekel Minted in Jerusalem Dated to 2ed Year Of The Jewish War Against Rome (67/68 C.E.)

Item#: COW919



A Thick Silver Shekel Dated to Year 67 C.E. This shekel is among the most fabled and historically significant of all the ancient coins, even if not the most ornate or beautiful. this Jewish shekel is beautiful in its simplicity and in its symbolism. And when one considers the strife under which the shekel was conceived, designed and issued, one will have an even greater appreciation of the coin. This rare Shekel was issued in Jerusalem during the second year of the Jewish War against the Roman legions led by Titus. The obverse side shows a chalice and the ancient Hebrew inscription 'Shekel of Israel,'with the date (Year 2) in Hebrew letters above the chalice. The reverse side shows a stem with three pomegranates and carries the inscription 'Jerusalem the holy.' This Jewish shekel weighs approximately 14 grams, and the edges have been hammered uniformly.