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A Late 17th Century Oval Silver Horizontal Butterfield Sundial.

Item#: TTS854



A Late 17th Century Oval Silver Horizontal Butterfield Sundial. - click to enlarge.

A Late 17th Century Oval Silver Horizontal 'Butterfield Sundial’. This oval solid silver horizontal pocket sundial was made in France by Michael Butterfield (1635 – 1724) and signed ‘BVTTERFIELD A PARIS’. This is a sophisticated sundial Instrument consisting of an oval plate (length 60 mm, 2.3 inches) on which the shadow is cast through an adjustable quadrant (adjusted from 40° to 60° latitude degrees), carried on a folding hinged gnomon and supported by a form of a small bird. The dial chapter carries four sets of engraved hour scales alternating in Roman and Arabic numerals made for latitudes of 43º, 46º, 48º and 51/52º. The dial incorporates a recessed compass with magnetic declination mark; glass cover and a fine blued steel hand. Engraved on the reverse side are the names and latitudes of 20 European cities and an emblem depicting an eagle with spread wings beneath sun-rays with the slogan ‘moy seul ie te regarde’ a reference to the eagle’s legendary ability to stare directly into the sun. The dial is contained in its original leather covered traveling case with purple felt and brass hinge. The dial has a replaced screw. Provenance: Masterpiece from the Time Museum, Chicago, Inventory No. 1085.
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