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A 19th Century Set Of Brass Lozenge 'Standard' Apothecaries’ Weights by Avery.

Item#: SWT584



A 19th Century Set Of  Brass Lozenge \

The brass lozenge set contains 4 weights of 2, Scruples, 1 Dram, ½ Dram and 1 Scruple. On the face side: Standard Royal Verification mark with the manufacturer name W. & T.A. Two diamond shaped registration marks issued by the Patent Office Design Registry, giving the details of the registration. After 1883, designs were issued with a simple registration number. At the top of the mark, in a circle, is a roman one (I) - this indicates that the object is made of metal. Immediately below it is the letter V, which refers to the year (1895). On the left of the diamond is a letter D, which refers to the month (April). On the right is a No. 18, which is the day of the month. The 2 at the bottom is the parcel number. On the back side the value is denominate by the symbol 3 and Roman numerals. W. & T.A. stands for William and Thomas Avery. Their company manufactured scales and weights and was founded about 1818. By 1885 they had three factories in Birmingham.