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19th Century Cast Iron Coffee Mill by Archibald Kenrick & Sons

Item#: MIS560



This original 19th century quality coffee grinder was manufactured by Kenrick & Son of West Bromwich Staffordshire. This model is the rare square grinder No. 2, made of cast iron with a brass decorated hopper and a turned exotic wood knob on the grinding handle. The ground coffee is collected in a slide out drawer with a brass knob. An oval pressed brass nameplate plaque is affixed to the front of the mill and reads: ‘A. Kenrick & Sons’, above the English Coat of Arms and ‘Patent Coffee Mill’ beneath. The grind size can be adjusted by turning the regulator screw (after removing the drawer and using a screw driver from the underside). The Archibald Kenrick & Sons Company was established in 1791 in Spons Lane, West Bromwich as a quality iron foundry. It is a family firm in which six Kenricks generations were named as directors. The founder was Archibald Kenrick (1760 - 1835) and the younger director is Martin John Kenrick (born 1940).
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