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A 19th Century German Set of Drawing Instruments by C. Reifler.

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The set, in excelent condition, contains 3 precision spring bow instruments which are of the center adjustment type, 3 ½ - 4 inches in size: Bow pen; Bow pencil; Bow dividers with fine steel points; The Dividers are used to transfer measurements, to step off a series of equal distances, and to divide lines into a number of equal parts. The box covered with leather (worn) and lined with black velvet. Clemens Riefler (1820-1876) Company was established in 1841 in Nesselwang near Munich. The company was known worldwide to be one of the inventors of precision drawing instruments and precision clocks. Nesselwang – Munchen was the birthplace of the famous German drawing instruments industry, with the invention and production of the Riefler round-system compass. Reference: Maya Hambly, 1988: Drawing Instruments 1580-1980. Fig. 68.