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A Collection of 37 Photogravure Pictures by Benor-Kalter, 1926.

Item#: CPE443



This important collection of old photogravure views of Jerusalem and the Holy Land (Eretz Israel) by Jacob (Ya'akov) Benor-Kalter, illustrates the early artistic work of Benor-Kalter. The work was published in Jerusalem by the Art Publishing House "Migdal" and by the Pro-Jerusalem Society in 1926. The collection includes: a) 20 plates, PP (25 cm wide by 30 cm tall). b) 17 postcards, PC (10 cm wide by 15 cm tall) and c) Three stamps from a set of Palestine Postal Stamps designed by Benor-Kalter in 1927. Jacob (Ya'akov) Benor-Kalter was a prolific and important Jewish photographer, born in Poland in 1897. Graduated in Practical Engineering, Architecture and Graphics, he specialized in combining photography with graphic arts. Immigrated to Eretz Israel in 1921 he settled in Jerusalem and worked as an art designer for the Jewish National Fund (KKL). In 1926 He published simultaneously several works: The first was a 12 photo-etching picture album of "Jerusalem the Old City". This was published by the Pro-Jerusalem Society created in 1926 by Sir Ronald Storrs, the first civilian governor of Jerusalem. At about the same time Benor-Kalter published an album with 24 Holy Land pictures called "Eretz Israel – A Collection of Land Views" (in Hebrew), that was published by his own company called "Migdal". In addition, he produced a series of photogravure postcards with similar and other photographs.
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