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An Early Apothecary Beam Balance Scale by Avery, Birmingham.

Item#: SBE426



The balance stands 57 cm high (22.5 inches). It consists of an iron beam with two brass pans suspended from the ends of the beam. One pan is used for the goods to be weighted, the other for the weights. Equilibrium of the loads is indicated by an exactly horizontal position of the beam. The whole is mounted on the main upright pole system with elevating lever and string. The main pole screws into a brass plate on the lid of the mahogany case. A drawer in the case contains 13 different troy Avery weights (10oz, 5oz, 2oz 1oz, 0.5oz, 0.4oz, 0.3oz, .02 oz, .01oz, .05oz, 6 Grain, 0.005t, 0.002t) The beam is signed ‘Avery Ltd Class C’ on one side and ‘To weigh 20 Oz’ on the other. The tongue of the lever is marked ‘W & T Avery Makers Birmingham’ Case size: 34 X 19 cm (13.4 X 7.5 inches). Brothers William and Thomas Avery started their business in 1818 in Birmingham as ‘W & T Avery - Scale Makers’. In 1891 Avery was registered as a Public Limited Company – ‘Avery Ltd’.