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Plan de Jerusalem d’apres la Mosaique de Madaba

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Plan de Jerusalem d’apres la mosaique de Madaba. Photographed by: Palmer & Guthe 1906 and copied by Gisler 1912. Publisher Name: H. Vincent. Year Printed: 1912. Production Place: Paris. Size (width X Height): 8 ½ X 5”. Method: Early Color photograph. Picture Description: Oval map of Jerusalem from the second half of the 6th century, surrounded by a wall as seen from the west. Major churches, markets, gates, towers etc. were identified and described. The picture is accompanied by a scheme and description by Prof. Avi-Yona. Map Source and Reference: H. Vincent. Jerusalem (Tome Premier), 1912. after P. Palmer and H. Guthe, Die Mosaikkarte von Madeba, I. Pls. Leipzig, 1906.