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A Rare Surveying Sandhurst Protractor with Plumb Bob by Stanley, London.

Item#: SSI234



A rare and unique boxwood Sandhurst protractor made by Stanley in London. This protractor was made for cartographers, for measuring slopes in the field so as to be able to transfer them to a paper map. The protractor incorporates a plumb bob, which is nestled in a recess in the wood with a small catch holding it in place and a length of string connecting the plumb bob to the protractor. There are several scales on this protractor. Aside from the main one on the front, the back has conversion scales for: Horizontal equivalents for 25 ft contours, Approximate gradients, Scale of shade for angle given etc. The protractor is in very good condition, with only one tiny chip missing from one of the shorter sides. The ruler is marked Sandhurst Protractor Stanley Great Turnstile Holborn London.