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Surveyor Dumpy Level with Original Wood Box by Stanley, London.

Item#: SSI233


Shipping: extra applies

A dumpy level is used together with a measuring staff, to measure the exact differences between the level of two or more positions on the ground. The level has two main parts: the tribrach and the telescope. The tribrach has 3 foot screws which can be rotated to allow the telescope to give the required horizontal line-of-sight. The tribrach also has a vertical axis, around which the telescope may be rotated to sight the measuring staff. On the telescope are mounted levels so that accuracy in leveling will be possible. This engineer dumpy level has a 38.5 cm (15") telescope with internal auxiliary lens to permit focusing without changing the overall length and preserving the balance of the telescope. The level is signed on its side and on the tribach. The originnal green felt lined box also includes 3 screw drivers. The level and box are heavy, therefore special shipping rates apply to this item