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Pre WWI Brass Military Surveying Clinometer by Troughton & Simms, London.

Item#: SSI231



This is a brass clinometer dated to 1906. It is an optical device used by surveyors for measuring elevation angles above a horizontal line. It is used for estimating the height of buildings or trees as well as measuring angles of elevations, slopes, or inclines. The clinometer is marked 'Troughton & Simms London 1906 No. 3008 V' and on the back 'No.3008 J.E.De Kantzow' Troughton & Simms began in business in London in 1826 and manufactured mathematical and precision instruments. The firm became Troughton & Simms, Ltd. in 1916. The clinometer comes in its original round leather case. The case is marked 'MKI Matthews & Sons 1906' and 'J.E. De Kantzow"