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Anemometer for Measuring Wind Force and Velocity By Keufel and Esser.

Item#: SMT222



A Large Rotating Vane Anemometer For Measuring Wind Force And Velocity. A Fine brass anemometer, 10.5 cm (4 inch) in diameter, with serial No. 178207 and with four dials graduated in feet, Hundreds, Thousands and 10Thds. It was used to count the number of linear feet of air that have passed the instrument during its exposure time, and calculate velocity. Also included is a small key for reseting the dials. Comes in its original leather case which is in fair condiotion and is marked Kefel & Esser New York. founded in 1867 by William J. D. Keuffel and Herman Esser in New York. Keuffel and Esser sold drawing materials and drafting supplies. In 1876, K&E started selling surveying instruments