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Precision Gold and Gem Analytical Scales by Philip Harris, Birmingham.

Item#: SBE137



Philip Harris Precision Gold and Gem Analytical Scales on Mahogany Base. A brass beam balance scales for high precision weighing. Consists of a main column 30 cm (12 inch) high with plumb bob tilt indicator. Equilibrium can also be achieved by rotating screws on the legs of the base. The column attached to a polished mahogany base with two screws. The main brass beam is 25 cm (10 inch) long. The main beam is raised to its weighing position or lowered to its resting position by rotating the front handle. The center fulcrum is made with knife-edge male V shaped metal resting in female V shaped, opal gemstones. Both pans and indicator are made of brass. The beam and the plastic board inscribed with a scale are marked Philip Harris & Co. Birmingham. This company can trace its origins back to 1817, when Birmingham born chemist Mr Philip Harris started to manufacture medicines and scientific instrument.