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DeZeng Schematic Eye Viewer for Teaching Ophthalmology

Item#: STI1273



DeZeng Schematic Eye Viewer for Teaching Ophthalmology - click to enlarge.

Blackened brass barrel-shaped viewer on a cast iron stand and brass leg, with lens and an inner dial with 5 sizes of pupil in lieu of a diaphragm. A retina simulation disc can be put into the viewer, and a student with an ophthalmoscope can look inside the viewer as if looking into an eye. One such disc is included. The brass viewer is marked DeZeng Standard Co. Camden NJ Makers. Henry Lawrence DeZeng started his company at the turn of the 20 century. He was a very prolific inventor. He made the first practical electric ophthalmoscope, the first with a non-corrosive mirror and the first commercially produced ophthalmoscope with a battery contained in the handle. His company was bought by the American Optical Company in 1925. Overall height is 17.5 cm (6.9 inches)