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Gilai Collectibles provides certified estimate certificates.
If you require an estimate on an item we will gladly assist you. After scrutinizing photographs and information you will send us, we will provide you with a certified appraisal, and an item authentication document. This document will include our research results on the item's historical and scientific importance, information about the maker, processes, techniques and materials, hallmarks, monetary value, etc. We will also add a digital photo of your item if you would like to have that in your appraisal.

After completing the payment, please emails us all relevant information and digital photos of your item.
Please Note: the fee for a documented appraisal is based on the amount of time it takes to inspect your item, to research and prepare the written document. Therefore, if we determine that the research will take longer than average (2-3 hours) we will charge another $20.00 per hour, but only after we have notified you via e-mail and received your written consent.