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Mathieson and Son Surveying Level and Plumb. Rare.

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Mathieson and Son Surveying Level and Plumb. Rare. - click to enlarge.

A Rare brass bound 16 inch (40.5 cm) level and plumb. This is a rosewood surveyor’s level with a peep sight showing horizontal alignment. The top brass plate is marked on one side of the bubble, A. Mathieson & Son Glasgow Saracen Tool Works, with a crescent and star mark of best quality. On the other side, Warranted Approved Tube 46 D. The peep sight arrangement consist of a narrow, 2.5 mm aperture on one side, a hollow bore through the entire length of the level and a larger opening, 11 mm in diameter, on the other side. The larger opening is covered from the inside with a glass marked with a horizontal line. The level is in its original condition, the horizontal and vertical bubble tubes are intact, the brass has not been polished and the wood has only few superficial scratches. The level is in very good to excellent condition.
Alexander Mathieson started as a plane maker in 1822 in Saracen Lane Glasgow Scotland. In 1854 his son Thomas joined him and the company changed its name to A. Mathieson & Son Saracen Tool Works. Thomas lifted the company and made it the most prolific British planemaker of all time. Around 1955 they became a part of the Record Company.

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