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Homeopathy Set of 12 Vials and Two Flasks.

Item#: MET100

Price: $440.00


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Set of 12 glass ials and two glass flasks. All vials have their original cork stopper (some of the stoppers are vbroken). All but 4 vials are empty. Two vials have labels: 1) Chlorodine. 2) Antiseptic Solution, Dissolve one in a pint of water. The vials are 5.1 cm tall (2 inches). The two flasks are in mint condition with the words Redwood Oil Flask 50 ml 60° BTL, hand engraved on them. The flasks are 12 cm tall (4.7 inches). The inside lid of the walnut box is stamped in gold color, T. Floyd Homeopathic Chemist Reading & High St. Sydenham SE. (Sydenham is in SE London)